Bulk Processing (green coffee upgrading line): all of the equipment installed is the same as used at producing country coffee dry mills. We have installed a new, state of the art, high tech equipment proven to handle coffee in an efficient, high quality and economical manner.
Specifically the components of such a system would be:

  • Green Coffee Cleaner, including a scalper and a screening system to separate very light particles as well as chaff, husks, twigs, sticks, etc. With the proper screens installed this cleaner would also remove very small broken beans. This machine is very flexible and can be adapted to specific conditions of a particular coffee.
  • Dry Destoner to remove stones of different sizes and volume
  • Sizer (grader) which will classify coffee by size
  • Gravity Tables for separating coffee by density
  • Magnets within the feeding system and in each machine and line
  • Color Sorter for separation by color
  • A high speed coffee friendly conveying system

This system offers complete flexibility in that any combination of equipment can be used to specifically address with a maximum of precision, any type of green coffee.

In addition this equipment can be used for very specific purposes. Here are a few ideas already broached:

  • The system would make it possible for our customers to purchase coffee with low differentials and have it upgraded. Certain coffees could possibly be used as a higher level component blends.
  • We have the ability to extract the most desirable beans from high end coffee, for example separating the larger bean sizes or perhaps specialty beans like pea berries to be used in gourmet coffee. This strategy has been largely utilized in origins to take better advantage of the expensive coffee and obtain better yields by using it in diverse applications.
  • Different combinations of the above listed equipment will be especially useful in processing the cleaned screenings as well. These cleaned screenings could be further refined to increase the yield of usable coffee or perhaps extract higher value qualities from this material.
  • The ability to carefully classify and separate different types opens a lot of possibilities in terms of creation of additional types (qualities), and that would enhance Dupuy’s capabilities of blending multiple components, thus enhancing the prospects of an overall lower cost for green.
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